Troop Awards Software

Anyone in your Unit can install - Please install trial to test on your computer before purchasing license.
There are no refunds once a license key is purchased.

Scroll down to see installation notes.

Note: does not work with 64-bit Office installed. Please take this into account before purchase. Troop Awards download is a 32-bit application.


Troop Awards Online Troop Awards Download
General Overview:
Nothing to install Download/Install required
Import CSV data (TroopWebHost, your own data)
Customize/edit data
Upload custom badge images
digital signatures (Create and save) Save only
Boy Scouts:
Print Boy Scout awards (merit badge/rank)
Print Boy Scout blue cards
Print on BSA cards
Print on standard trading-size cards
Cub Scouts:
Print Cub Scout awards (activity badge/rank)
Print Cub Scout derby award cards
Print on address labels to make your own cards Coming Soon
Keep a troop Historian's Journal
Create a photo Event Calendar
Print troop/pack branded name tags, address labels Coming soon
Keep a photo Directory


With TroopAwards Download you can:

  • Save your precious time and money
  • Easily print Boy Scout Rank and Merit Badge advancement cards *
  • Print merit badge application "blue" cards *
  • Cub Scout awards including Pinewood Derby *
  • Print on official BSA card sheets or make your own custom cards *
  • Print on address labels to make your own cards
  • Keep a troop Historian's Journal
    • Keep a photo journal of your unit's events. Print them in portrait or landscape on paper or PDF.
  • Create a photo Event Calendar
    • Print an attractive, useful calendar with holidays, unit events and personal appointments.
  • Print troop/pack branded name tags, address labels
  • Keep a photo Directory
    • Provides a safe way to match scout names with faces without storing this sensitive information online.
    • Save the directory as a PDF file for print or email distribution
  • Import data automatically from TroopWebHost
    • New feature on TroopWebHost allows you to download your list of pending awards, merit badge starts, and a troop roster for the directory into a text file
    • Upload the files directly into TroopAwards database for an effortless workflow
  • Choose your own paper type to print on:
    • Official BSA card sheets (8 per sheet, purchase at your council store for $0.89/sheet)
    • Standard trading card size card sheets (2.5" x 3.5" cards, 9 cards per sheet, available here)
    • Why print on standard trading card size?
    • There are many products available for storing and displaying 2.5" x 3.5" cards. The BSA cards are beautiful but the extra 1/4 inch of height on the BSA cards make them just tall enough not to fit in holders designed to hold baseball cards.

*Fully-licensed version removes watermark on printing

To Note:

  • Please make sure everything works satisfactorily before making a purchase. When you make the purchase, we will email you a license key that unlocks the demo mode – no re-installation necessary.
  • You should receive an email with the key the same day. If you don't receive it by the end of the day, please check your spam folder and email if you don't see it by the following day.
  • There are no refunds after you receive a license key.

Software information:
current release notes- 08/04/2016

  • TroopAwards is licensed by Unit not individual; anyone in your Unit can install and use it by entering the Unit's license key.
  • This is not a subscription but a one-time payment
  • Before buying, download and install the software to fully test it on your system. You must have Microsoft Access 2016 installed, or you will need to install the free Access 2016 viewer.

This download includes Access 2016 installer if you don't already have Access 2016 installed.

Download Size: ~245mb

System requirements - Windows 7 or higher. Windows OS may be 32-bit or 64-bit. 64-bit MS Office not supported but most users have 32-bit Office even with 64-bit Windows.

Mac Users: Troop Awards must run using Windows OS, but can be run on Mac using Parallels or other VM (virtual machine) providing a Windows environment.

It is highly recommended you install the trial software before purchasing the license.

There are no refunds once a license key is purchased.

With the automatic (exe) installers, you may see a warning about the install file, depending on  your security settings and ant-virus software. This is expected and safe to download and run. If you see this warning, click "More Info" and "Run Anyway" to install.

However, if you are not comfortable with that, you may download the zipped folders and copy the folder structure to a location on your PC, preferably "My Documents". You will need to put it in a "Trusted Location" on your PC or you will get a warning every time you run it. It is safe so you can confidently dismiss the warning.

If you use the zipped folders, you will need to:

  • Run the ImageUtility.exe which is located in the addin folder.
  • Have Access 2016 (or the free 2016 runtime) previously installed

TroopAwards currently only supports 32-bit versions of MS Office (which is the most commonly used and recommended even with 64-bit Windows). You can run the free program as long as you wish … it is fully functional, but will have "Trial Copy" on the awards print-outs.