Troop Awards: Online Printing

Quarterly and Yearly plans available

  • $14.99 Quarterly
  • $49.99 Yearly


Troop Awards: Online Printing is an online, lite version of the software, allowing users to upload their rank/merit badge csv file to print their cards. It will allow you to create and store digital signatures for easy printing of your cards.

With TroopAwards Online you can:

  • Save your precious time and money
  • Nothing to install
  • Easily print Boy Scout Rank and Merit Badge advancement cards
  • Cub Scout awards including Pinewood Derby
  • Print on your own custom cards
  • Use a tablet and stylus to create and store signatures
    • Import data from TroopWebHost
      • Use the feature on TroopWebHost that allows you to download your list of pending awards, merit badge starts, and a troop roster for the directory into a text file
      • Upload a csv file directly into TroopAwards for an easy workflow.
    • Choose your own paper type to print on:
      • Standard trading card size card sheets (2.5" x 3.5" cards, 9 cards per sheet, available here)
      • Why print on standard trading card size?
      • There are many products available for storing and displaying 2.5" x 3.5" cards. The BSA cards are beautiful but the extra 1/4 inch of height on the BSA cards make them just tall enough not to fit in holders designed to hold baseball cards.