Troop Awards

Print your BSA Rank, Merit Badge and “Blue” cards fast and easy!

Great for Cub Scouts too!

Save Time and money with Troop Awards

With Troop Awards you can:

  • Print BSA Rank, Merit Badge and “Blue” cards.
  • Print Cub Scout award cards including Pinewood/Space Derby and Regatta.
  • Use a digital signature to sign all your cards Print on official BSA card sheets or make your own custom cards.
  • Print on address labels to make your own cards.
  • Try Troop Awards for free! License software for full printing ability.
  • Free applications - troop photo directory, photo calendar and Troop Historian journal.
overview of Troop Awards
Troop Awards Cards printing

New! Online version

The online version doesn't require any install  – it works in your web browser on your tablet, computer or phone!

• No Install

• Works in any web browser

• draw and save your signature

• Monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions available

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Picture this...

You have a major Court of Honor coming up soon. Your troop had a productive summer camp and as the advancement chairman, there’s a lot of work ahead to prepare for the big event.

Printing about 250 merit badge and rank advancement cards (and getting them all signed) used to take a few evenings.

But this time you’ll knock it out in about an hour

Don’t have time to sign all the cards? No problem, just provide a scanned signature and it will automatically print out with the cards.

Featured in Version 3.3

  • Added field to print completed requirements on blue cards
  • Signatures on official BSA card templates
  • License info can be imported automatically (along with other data) from another version with the Import Data button on the Switchboard

Import data automatically from TroopWebHost

New feature on TroopWebHost allows you to download your list of pending awards, merit badge starts, and a troop roster for the directory into a text file
Upload the files directly into TroopAwards database for an effortless workflow

Choose your own paper type:

• Print on official BSA card sheets (8 per sheet, purchase at your council store for $0.89/sheet)

• Standard trading card size card sheets (2.5” x 3.5” cards, 9 cards per sheet

Why standard trading card size?  There are many products available for storing and displaying 2.5” x 3.5” cards. The BSA cards are beautiful but the extra 1/4 inch of height on the BSA cards make them just tall enough not to fit in holders designed to hold baseball cards.

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Download Troop Awards Free Trial

Free version is the full application with “Trial Copy” watermark on prints and may be unlocked with a code - no reinstallation necessary

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